1st Choice Energy Services
1st Choice Energy Services can manage your propane supply for your home or farm. 1st Choice logistics experts are available to help supply the products and services needed to heat homes, barns, and grain dryers.

1st Choice Energy also offers wholesale delivery — suppling fuel for large commercial tanks at gas stations and truck stops, oil and gas exploration sites, farms, trucking companies and coal mines.

Servicing wholesale needs from ten strategic locations and multiple supply points in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, western Kentucky, western Indiana, southern Illinois and eastern Missouri, allowing 1st Choice Energy to deliver the fuels you need when you need them.

Our Fuel Products Include:


  • 87 Octane with 10% Ethanol
  • 89 Octane with 10% Ethanol
  • 90 Octane without Ethanol
  • 93 Octane with 10% Ethanol


  • Dyed Kerosene for Winter Operations


  • Premium Select On- and Off-Road
    • Diesel additized for improved cetane, lubricity and detergency
1st Choice Energy has the trained staff to meet your needs

1st Choice has competitively priced products, available 24/7 via our strategic supply locations. With an emphasis on safety and security, 1st Choice has the trained staff and dedicated truck fleet to meet your needs for: