1st Choice Energy Services
SMARTank™ Fuel Monitoring for farms and commercial use 1st Choice offers fuel monitoring devices for your farm fuel needs

SMARTank™ Fuel Monitoring Devices Available at No Extra Charge

1st Choice Energy Services utilizes SMARTank™ fuel monitoring devices at no extra charge, to help assure high-usage tanks never run out of fuel.

Benefits of the SMARTank™ Fuel Monitoring Device:

  • Never Run Out of Product
  • No Need to Check Your Tank
  • No Need to Call, Fax or Order Online
  • Minimize Downtime
    • Operations Run at Peak Performance
1st Choice Energy has the trained staff to meet your needs

1st Choice has competitively priced products, available 24/7 via our strategic supply locations. With an emphasis on safety and security, 1st Choice has the trained staff and dedicated truck fleet to meet your needs for: