1st Choice Energy Services
1st Choice Energy provides antifreeze for diesel and gasoline engines for your residential or commercial needs. Antifreeze for farm and commercial equipment

Antifreeze for Diesel and Gasoline Engines

1st Choice Energy Services offers antifreeze for both diesel and gasoline engines. Our antifreeze selection uses the latest technology in to bring you low operating cost and optimum reliability.

Our Antifreeze Selection Includes:

  • Zerex HD Red ELC
  • Zerex HD Red ELC 50/50
  • Zerex Original Green
  • Zerex Original Green 50/50
  • Zerex Original AFC
  • Zerex Dex-Cool AFC
  • Zerex G-05 AFC
  • Zerex G-05 AFC 50/50
  • RV Antifreeze
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Propylene Glycol 50/50
1st Choice Energy has the trained staff to meet your needs

1st Choice has competitively priced products, available 24/7 via our strategic supply locations. With an emphasis on safety and security, 1st Choice has the trained staff and dedicated truck fleet to meet your needs for: